Rusolovo PJSC launches in-house biotesting laboratory

Moscow – 4 October 2022.  Tin Mining Company JSC, part of Rusolovo PJSC (MOEX: ROLO), has set up an in-house biotesting laboratory and put it in test operation.  The laboratory aims to perform environmental monitoring with regard to the identification of toxicity of man-made and natural environment samples.

Tin Mining Company JSC works continuously to set up and develop the new laboratory; in March 2022, the laboratory’s employees successfully underwent training delivered by Federally Funded Autonomous Institution of Higher Professional Education Siberian Federal University, the developer of biotesting techniques, under the Programme for New Methods of Biotesting of Drinking, Fresh Natural Waters and Wastewater, Water Extracts from Terrain, Soils, Wastewater Sludge, Production and Consumption Waste.  To date, the laboratory has been fully equipped and conducts its first tests using test objects from a variety of systematic groups. 

In the future, the company plans to improve its biological testing laboratory, undertake scheduled testing of various environments, and perform monitoring at other production facilities of Rusolovo PJSC located in the Khabarovsk Region.

‘Since biotesting is an integral quality assessment method in respect of natural environments and man-made facilities, the use of this method is a considerable supplement to laboratory chemical analysis. The biotesting methods employed offer a number of benefits, such as ease of experimenting, testing speed, and high sensitivity of test objects. The company thus implements ecotoxicological control as part of environmental monitoring and not only identifies a separate list of components, but also seeks to obtain an integral assessment of sample toxicity. The introduction of biotesting, apart from environmental monitoring, allows laying the foundation for informed managerial decision-making across all phases of life cycle of an asset, namely, mining enterprise,’ Rusolovo PJSC’s Chief Environmental Officer Natalia Silantieva noted.

The biological testing laboratory identifies the dilution factor of water extract from waste sample which nullifies harmful impact on hydrobionts. Where biotesting methods are employed to assess waste quality, the level of adverse impact of samples is assessed in accordance with waste hazard classification criteria through the recording of changes in the biologically significant indicators of the test objects used for different dilution factors.

About us

Rusolovo PJSC is a leading Russian tin mining company with an extensive potential, ranked among the world’s top five companies by tin reserves. 2,900 tonnes of oil in concentrate were mined in 2021.

The company mines the following types of metal: tin, tungsten and copper. The production facilities of Rusolovo PJSC are located in the Khabarovsk Region and Chukotka.

In May 2022, Rusolovo PJSC celebrated its tenth anniversary.