Human rights

Rusolovo PJSC behaves in strict compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Russian laws, acknowledges the importance and value of the fundamental human rights and freedoms, including the freedom of association, the right to enter into collective bargaining agreements, employment rights, the right to a healthy environment, health protection, the rights of indigenous small-numbered peoples.


The Company gives top priority to human safety regardless of location and type of works. Rusolovo PJSC adheres to the principles of high social responsibility and decent living standards for its employees and their families, as well as the improvement of social environment in the regions of its operations.


The Company ensures social security for its employees and their family members, including the maintenance of their valid status as an employee and team adaptation after parental leave, paid leaves and temporary disability periods, social benefits available under the laws of the Russian Federation as approved by executive documents and by-laws.

The Company expects its suppliers to take all necessary measures to prevent discrimination in respect of their employees.

The Company supports the projects which meet the interests of sustainable development of indigenous small-numbered peoples and local communities aimed at preserving the uniqueness of cultures, traditional way of living and economic activity, quality education and health services.


Rusolovo PJSC’s policies consist in ensuring corporate responsibility in its activity:

  • In respect of bribery and fraudulent distortion of mineral resource origin: We will not offer, promise, give or solicit any bribe and will counter extortion with the aim of concealing the origin of mineral resources, misleading about any taxes, dues or royalties paid to governments for mineral mining, trade, processing, transportation and export purposes.
  • In respect of money laundering, we support efforts or take steps to contribute to an effective elimination of money laundering associated with mineral mining, production, processing, transportation and export.

Rusolovo PJSC has a Hotline aimed to timely detect and counter corporate fraud, corruption, property theft, unfair competition, conflict of interest, breaches of the code of corporate conduct and infringements on human rights, non-compliance with environmental requirements.