Komsomolsk Advanced Development Territory (ADT)

Construction of Mining and processing facility on the base of the Pravourmiyskoye tin ore deposit with Necessary Infrastructure

The project is aimed at import substitution. When design capacity is reached, its production output will cover the internal needs for tin concentrate. The project implementation will make new deposit developments and finished product transportation more efficient.

Amount of investment: RUB 9.7 billion

Reaching of design capacity: 2026

Project outcomes:

  • an increase in output of tin in concentrate to 3.8 thousand tonnes;
  • an increase in tin recovery rate to 70%;
  • creation of 806 jobs;
  • increased budget revenues;
  • improvement of local transport and energy infrastructure


Modernisation of Solnechnaya Processing Plant

The project entails a range of activities aimed at setting up new production facilities in the Festivalnoye tin deposit, increasing tin mining in the Far East until the domestic market needs are met, reaching global export levels.

Amount of investment: RUB 1,239,200,000

Reaching of design capacity: 2022

Project outcomes:

  • an increase in output of tin in concentrate to 1.2 thousand tonnes;
  • creation of 217 new jobs;
  • increased budget revenues;
  • developed social infrastructure.