Mission and strategy

The strategic goal of Rusolovo PJSC is to become a high-performing mining company with tin output of approximately 15 thousand tonnes.
Rusolovo PJSC focuses on fulfilling the following objectives and targets:

  • Technological efficiency. The range of issues addressed in this field is about making possible long-term efficient mining operations in reliance on the Company’s experience and quality planning and design solutions.
  • Financial efficiency. The tackling of financial return improvement issues in each production area will ensure the growth of financial indicators, debt burden reduction, additions to shareholder value.
  • Efficient use of existing facilities and infrastructure. The underlying principle of mid-term development consists in the priority development of the existing facilities. The objective is to attain mineral reserve base replenishment and increase resource availability to 30 years of continuous operations. The Company aims to replace its reserve base annually, specifically, by entering in the books new deposits and sites in proximity to the existing ones.
  • Management system. The Company introduces a state-of-the-art management method, assesses personnel performance and the effectiveness of project and managerial decision-making based on KPI system. Operational planning and plan/actual analysis are expected to be undertaken through transition from quarterly to two-year system.
  • Innovations. The Company will maximize its use of cutting-edge design solutions, introduce new mining methods, while minimizing adverse environmental impacts and increasing environmental responsibility.