Third-party websites

Rusolovo PJSC neither controls nor is liable for any third-party websites, which the user may visit via links, including those available from the website of Rusolovo PJSC. Third-party websites might have their own respective privacy policies and other personal data may be collected or requested from the user.
This website is the only official website of Rusolovo PJSC and its Group of Companies. Other websites, even if they look similar to the official website and/or contain the name of Rusolovo PJSC, use its corporate identity, trademark or logo, have nothing to do with Rusolovo PJSC.

Rusolovo PJSC as a listed issuer discloses information on Rusolovo`s page at the Information Agency “Interfax-CRKI” LLC accredited for information disclosure by the Central Bank of Russian Federation. The information is available on this page.