– 2012

date of incorporation of Rusolovo PJSC.

– 2013

setup of Tin Division of Seligdar PJSC, Rusolovo PJSC joined Seligdar Holding Company.

Launch of the only domestic tin-containing ore mining and processing enterprise.

Acquisition of one of the Khabarovsk region’s largest tin producers, namely, Tin Mining Company OJSC, established on the base of Solnechny mining and processing plant’s assets.

– 2014

commencement of development of the Festivalnoye tin ore deposit with the planned ore output of more than 200 thousand tonnes per annum. Commencement of preparation in the Pravourmiyskoye deposit for the construction of mining and processing plant with a capacity of 400 thousand tonnes per annum.

– 2015

launch of mothballed Solnechnaya Processing Plant (Gorny settlement, Khabarovsk region). Completion of refurbishment and repair work at the Molodezhny mine.

The first 10 thousand tonnes were mined.

– 2016

Molodezhny mine launch.

– 2017

large-scale renewal of self-propelled equipment fleet by Pravourmiyskoye LLC, increase in underground ore mining by 57%. A new 780 m long transportation incline was put in operation at the Molodezhny mine, which allowed Rusolovo PJSC to finalize the project for renovation of the main production facilities of Tin Mining Company JSC.

– 2018

the enterprises of Rusolovo PJSC became residents of Komsomolsk ADT and were given, in addition to preferences, an opportunity to continue improving their production facilities on a fast-track basis.

As from April 20, 2018, the processing plants of the Tin Division, such as Tin Mining Company JSC and Pravourmiyskoye LLC, started continuous operation.

– 2019

235,000 tonnes of ore were mined, 1,740 tonnes of tin and 860 tonnes of accompanying metals in concentrate were extracted in the deposits of Rusolovo PJSC.

– 2020

Rusolovo PJSC dispatched the first lot of copper-silver concentrate, thus exporting 600 tonnes of products. The fabrication of new products resulted from a modernisation of the production facilities of Solnechnaya Processing Plant (Gorny settlement, Khabarovsk region).

Rusolovo PJSC won an auction for the Pyrkakay stockworks mining allotment in the Chaunsky district, the Chukotka Autonomous Region. Pyrkakay stockworks are among Russia’s largest tin deposits, which allowed the company to be ranked among the world’s top five companies by tin reserves.

– 2021

execution of socio-economic cooperation agreement between Rusolovo PJSC and the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The document stipulates the intentions of the parties to enhance a network of public roads within the framework of the investment project for the Pyrkakay stockworks deposit development.

Stage one of automation of Solnechnaya processing plant (Tin Mining Company JSC) was completed.

Territoriya LLC became resident of FPV (Free Port of Vladivostok, a zone with special customs, tax and administrative regulations) in Pevek urban district, the Chukotka Autonomous Region.

The Molodezhny mine marked its 50th anniversary.

– 2022

launch of a new X-ray transmission sorting (XRT) method, which will enable increasing considerably the productivity of production facilities.