About the entity

The enterprise mines ore in the Pravourmiyskoye deposit and produces tin and tungsten concentrates. It is located in the southern spurs of the Badzhalsky Edge, 117 km away from the Baikal–Amur Mainline (BAM), in the Verkhnebureinsky district, Khabarovsk region. The nearest Suluk railway station is connected to the deposit with a 117-km-long motorway. The distance between Suluk station and Komsomolsk-na-Amure is 430 km by rail.

Prospecting operations in the area of the deposit began as early as the 1960s. Detailed prospecting performed in 1974–77 in the eastern part of the Verkhnebureinsky Ore Cluster resulted in discovery of the Pravourmiyskoye tin ore deposit.

The Pravourmiyskoye tin ore deposit reserves accounting began in 1989, and 2019 saw resources and reserves audit, with the latest data obtained.

The Pravourmiyskoye tin ore deposit is among promising tin deposits.

The deposit has been developed since 1990. Amgun Prospectors Association was active as from 1990 on the western flanks of the deposit as part of pilot operations.

In 1993, the Pravourmiyskoye deposit was transferred to Solnechny mining and processing plant for commercial exploitation under the Minutes of Joint Meeting of the Khabarovsk region administration and Dalgeocom, and in 1994 it was entered in the books of the enterprise, save for the V-2 area, where pilot operations were performed by Amgun prospectors association.

In 1995, Solnechnaya Mining Company JSC (a subsidiary of Solnechny mining and processing plant) obtained a subsoil license for the Pravourmiyskoye deposit, except for the V-2 area, and in 1998 the Company was deprived of this right by a decision of the Khabarovsk region administration.

The next subsoil user of the Pravourmiyskoye deposit was Far Eastern Mining Company as a winning bidder. The production operations of this company were suspended on June 22, 2001 by the government authorities entrusted with geological control, and the right to use subsoil in the Pravourmiyskoye deposit was transferred to Vostokolovo LLC.

Due to the inability of Vostokolovo LLC to operate in the Pravourmiyskoye deposit, the founders of Vostokolovo LLC decided to set up a new enterprise called Pravourmiyskoye LLC.

The current subsoil user of the Pravourmiyskoye deposit is Pravourmiyskoye LLC, which obtained Subsoil License KHAB 14585 TE dated November 01, 2011 by way of succession from Vostokolovo LLC.

In 2018, Pravourmiyskoye LLC gained a new status of advanced development territory resident, as the Investment Project for Construction of Mining and processing facility on the base of the Pravourmiyskoye tin ore deposit with Necessary Infrastructure was included in the Komsomolsk ADT boundaries pursuant to Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 510 dated April 26, 2018.

The implementation of the project will allow achieving:

  • an increase in output of tin in concentrate to 3.8 thousand tonnes;
  • an increase in tin recovery rate to 84%; the creation of 806 new jobs;
  • increased budget revenues;
  • improved transport and energy infrastructure of the Pravourmiyskoye deposit area.